US States by Miles of Subway Track

Feb 25, 2019
Miles of Subway Track in US States

The chart above shows the miles of heavy rail subway track within each state.  Only nine of the fifty states have subway systems; the District of Columbia also has a subway system but is not included in the list as it is not a state.


  • The difference between the state with the most miles of track, New York, and the state with the least (that has a subway system), Maryland, is 248.5 miles.
  • New York has 17.03 times the miles of track that Maryland does.
  • Washington DC has 117 miles of track which would rank it third behind California and above Illinois.
  • Pennsylvania and California have two subway systems, New York has three, all other states have one.


  • Data is from 2017.
  • Hawaii is currently working on building a subway system for Honolulu.
  • All figures are rounded to the nearest hundredth.


New York accounts for nearly one-third of all subway rail in the country at 32.77%.  It, with California make up almost half the subway rail in the country at 48.41%.

New York has three heavy rail systems all in the city of New York (New York City Subway, Staten Island Railway, and PATH), California has BART in San Francisco and Metro Rail in Los Angeles, and Pennsylvania has two systems in Philadelphia (SEPTA and PATCO Speedline).


CaliforniaLos AngelesMetro Rail17.4
CaliforniaSan FranciscoBART108.6
IllinoisChicagoChicago L102.8
MarylandBaltimoreBaltimore Metro Subway15.5
MassachusettsBostonMBTA Subway38
New YorkNew York CityNew York City Subway236.2
New YorkNew York CityStaten Island Railway14
New YorkNew York CityPATH13.8
OhioClevelandRTA Rapid Transit: Red Line19
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPATCO Speedline14.2
Washington DCWashington, D.C.Washington Metro117


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