Birth States of US Presidents

Nov 6, 2018
States Where US Presidents Were Born

The chart above shows the total number of US presidents born in each state.  Virginia holds the honors of giving birth to the most presidents with Ohio a close second.


  • Virginia gave birth to most of the early presidents.  Seven of her eight presidents were presidents before the Civil War.
  • Ohio gave birth to the presidents that served the seven decades following the Civil War.
  • Only 21 states have given birth to a president.


  • Data is from 2018.
  • Andrew Jackson was born on the border area between what is now North and South Carolina.  He is listed as a South Carolina birth only because that is what he claimed when he was alive (even if it may have been for political purposes).


The first eight presidents were not technically born in states as the states were still colonies when they were born there.  That includes five Virginia births, two Massachusetts births, and Andrew Jackson who is listed as a South Carolina birth.

The first seven presidents were British subjects when they were born, making Martin Van Buren the first president born an American citizen.  The ninth president, William Henry Harrison, was also a British subject when he was born.  From John Tyler onwards, the 10th president, all presidents were born American citizens.


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