Vehicles per Thousand Inhabitants in EU Regions

Mar 12, 2018
Chart of EU Regional Vehicular Ownership Rates

The chart above shows the rate of motor vehicle ownership in EU regions.  The Southern EU has the highest motor vehicle ownership rate but there isn't that big of a difference between the regions of the Union.


  • The difference between the region with the largest ownership rate, the Southern EU, and the region with the smallest rate, the Eastern EU, is 159 vehicles per 1,000 people.
  • The Southern EU has 1.3 times the ownership rate that the Eastern EU does.
  • All regions save for the Eastern EU have at least half as many vehicles as people.
  • The mean ownership rate for the EU is 555.5 and the median 568.9.


  • Vehicle ownership data is from 2015.
  • Population data is from 2011.
  • Total vehicles include automobiles, taxis, buses, trucks, and motorcycles of both public and private use.
  • The Southern EU consists of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, and Malta.
  • The Western EU consists of Germany, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, and Luxembourg.
  • The Northern EU consists of Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.
  • The Eastern EU consists of Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.


Even though a Western EU state has the highest ownership rate, the Western EU falls short of the Southern EU in this metric.

The ownership rate for the entire European Union is 578 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants which ranks the EU as a whole just under the Western EU and just above the Northern EU.


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