EU States by Per Capita Gross Domestic Product

Jan 10, 2018
Chart of per capita GDP of EU states

The chart above shows the per capita GDP of EU states.  Northern and Western European states all have a per capita GDP of over €30,000 while all Southern and Eastern European states fall below that threshold.


  • Luxembourg and Ireland are the only two states with a per capita GDP of over €50,000.
  • They are also the only two states who are not bested in per capita GDP by a state from another region.
  • Portugal and Greece are the only two states outside of Eastern Europe who have per capita GDPs lower than states from Eastern Europe.
  • Slovenia and the Czech Republic are the only two Eastern European states with per capita GDPs higher than states outside of Eastern Europe.
  • Nearly half of EU states (13) have a per capita GDP of less than €20,000.


  • The data is from 2016.


It really pays off to live in a small state in the EU, so long as it is located in either northern or western Europe.

The disparity between the regions is glaring and shows that the EU is a long way away from becoming a truly unified economic bloc.  Actually, if it were a singular state, the uneven economic development would qualify it to be a failed state (in that metric at least).


Eurostat.  2017.  "Gross Domestic Product at Market Prices.  Accessed October 26, 2017.

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